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Mario Napolitano

Chartered Accountant, Statutory Auditor, Technical Consultant, Delegated Professional and Judicial Custodian, member of the Supervisory Body


Mario Napolitano



Delegated Professional and Judicial Guardian
Court of Naples Real Estate Executions Section

Technical office consultant
Court of Naples Civil Section 

Business, tax and corporate consultant
Joint-stock companies, sole proprietorships, freelancers, non-commercial entities

Member of the Supervisory Body pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001
Capital company

Sole Director
Capital company

Defender in tax litigation
Joint-stock companies, sole proprietorships, freelancers, non-commercial entities

Joint-stock companies, non-commercial entities

Statutory Auditor
ISO Consortium


Degree in Economics and Commerce with honors – old system
University of Naples Federico II [25/01/1995]

Qualified to practice as a chartered accountant
Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research [14/06/1996]

Master in Tax Law
Tax Consulting Firm [23/04/1996]

Registration in the Register of Statutory Auditors
Ministry of Justice [02/11/1999]

Qualification to teach economic and legal disciplines in 2nd grade schools
Ministry of Education [06/03/2001]

Enabling registration in the List of Managers of the Over-indebted Crisis at the Ministry of Justice
Telematic University of IUL Studies [21/12/2020]


Notice of assessment to shareholders to be canceled in limited liability companies – Il Tax n.28 / 2001

What are the professional activities that are not subject to IRAP: comments on the resolution of 31/01/2002, n.32 – Il Fisco n.21 / 2005.