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Lucia Altucci

Full Professor of General Pathology, University of Campania
Luigi Vanvitelli, IT

Scientific Director

MD, PhD and professor of General Pathology, more than 20 years of experience and more than 170 scientific publications on epigenetics.

Lucia Altucci

Scientific Director

• Rector’s Delegate for Research & Innovation

President of CNGR (Comitato Nazionale dei Garanti della Ricerca)
Member of the Scientific board of RiMED Foundation, Palermo, IT
• Member of the Cenacolo della Cultura e delle scienze, IT.
• Among the founders of Epi-C srl, Epigenetic compounds.

Research Interests

Innovative therapeutic strategies against cancer, (epi)drug discovery and development, identification of pathogenesis of diseases with a focus on cancer (epi)genome alterations.
Her contribution to the understanding of chromatin deregulation and epi-biomarkers in cancer as well as to the identification of innovative epi-strategies for cancer treatment and prevention are considered relevant.
Co-Editor in chief role in the Clinical Epigenetics (Springer Nature).
Co-Editor in chief in the Epigenetics Communications (Springer Nature).

Lucia Altucci is a Top Italian Scientists (TIS)

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