Vincenzo Vecchio

I like to define myself as an inventor.
This, first of all, means I constantly and relentlessly feed new ideas to help them grow and become something real. Secondly, this puts me in the position of saying I have fulfilled my childhood dream.

My passion for innovation drives my daily life, bringing all my effort in everything that can be considered new, not yet existing, disrupting.

As inventor, I’m obviously also an investor. I invest my time and my money to make innovation come to life and to the world. I invest in ideas in order to shape them, make them concrete and give them legs to make this a better world.

I work with researchers, institutions, engineers, mainly with people with great ideas, in order to help them find the perfect fit between potential customers and their value proposition.

I work side by side with inventors, scientists, founders and help them alleviate customers’ problems. I make sure their products produce those wonderful experiences that customers actually care about.

I’m a computer engineer with several IT and project management certifications(European Certification of Informatics Processionals, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, PRINCE2).
I have worked on many European Union funded projects – IV, V, VI, VII Framework Programme and now I’m beginning the Horizon 2020 adventure.

Founder and co-founder of several start-ups, I am Business Development for Epi-C.

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