Michele Monna

Michele Monna is Italy Sales Manager at Microtech srl.

After Bachelor’s degree at school “S. Giovanna D’Arco ” in Naples, he started working in seles field and personnel management . In 2004 he worked at High School I.P.S.A.A.R. “Rossini”. He is in charge of organizing and mentoring for the course OFIS, an initiative of Regione Campania to combat early school child. He worked as a guide and support for students, relationship with parents and teachers. In 2006 he worked at GESFOR s.r.l. for the planning, coordination with companies and the reporting of projects AIFA funded the training of new workers by Regione Campania. From 2006 he started working in Scientific research as sales representative at Microtech srl . Since 2010 he is Area Manager – Senior Sales Representative. Over the past two years the area of competence has had an overall increase of about 50% , while the supervised area has had an overall increase of about 25%. He also deals with marketing and scouting for new companies and products, training and mentoring new agents.

For his skills at the end of 2015 he was appointed Sales Manager for all Italian country.

Over the years he has developed excellent knowledge of scientific research, of cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, chemistry. He also deals with marketing, training and mentoring sales force and having relations with business partner companies. He is founder and owner of MDL srls, a company that deals with management and development business. His main skills are Strategy, Championing Initiatives, Managing and leading Teams, Planning and Managing Change, Marketing and Sales Management, Identifying Critical Success Factors.

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