Human Diseases Treatment

Epi-c is a ‘disease-oriented’, Biotech drug discovery company, focused on molecules, toxicology and epigenetics for cancer therapy and prevention.

Epigenetic drugs represent an innovative and emerging market that offers new opportunities in human diseases treatment.

Epi-C’s goal is to modulate the complex mechanism of epigenetic regulation, forcing cancer cells to restore physiological activity and die either for senescence or programmed death (apoptosis). In addition, since epigenetic mechanism(s) modulate both the induction and the interference with cell death, Epi-C’s molecules might be applied to degenerative diseases, as well as chronic, metabolic alterations.


90 %

Reduction of the tumor mass

Epi-C’s first drugs have shown a 90% reduction of the tumor mass on immunosuppressed mice.

Epi-C has developed:

  • Epigenome-based set of biomarkers for discriminating subsets of acute leukemia with poor prognosis (under patenting)
  • New epidrugs (under patenting) and innovative therapeutic approaches to revert poor-prognosis cancers
  • Improvements of bio-statistical analyses
  • Compunds characterization and enzymatic assays